The Micro 4 series Vehicle Reversing Aid is an automatic back up alert system that warns the driver of potential obstacles while backing the vehicle.


The Micro 4 series Reversing Aid’s miniature acoustic sensors transmit a uniquely modified "narrow beam" signal. This narrow beam signal is capable of seeing through fog, rain, smog and snow, any weather, day or night, on any road condition. When this signal strikes a solid target "directly" in the path of the host vehicle, it bounces back to the antenna/receiver and is instantly sent to the signal "Microprocessor". The acoustic sensors have a detection range of up to 8 feet. The design of the sensors coupled with the color matching decorative sensor lenses ensures their ‘out-of-sight’ installation on your vehicle.


The 8-bit Micro processor programmed with ‘Intelligent Control Software’ incorporating ‘fuzzy logic’ processes the target signal to calculate distance or range, as well as the closing speed between the host vehicle and the obstacles in the path of the host vehicle. The processor automatically and continuously computes this information. If the processor determines that the existing conditions require the driver to take any precautionary or corrective action, special emergency sounds are generated.


The Micro 4 series speaker can be mounted anywhere inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. The unit comes with an adjustable volume control. The system is activated when the driver puts the vehicle into reverse. The system alerts the driver with a variable multi-tone audio pulse. The audio pulse intensity increases and the audio tone changes as the vehicle backs closer to an obstacle. In addition to the variable multi-tone audio pulse, the system alerts the driver with our advance VDI (Voice Distance Indicator) module. The VDI module verbally tells the driver the vehicle-to-obstacle distance in feet and inches. It actually talks to the driver.


Up to 12 feet directly behind the vehicle.


The Micro series Reversing Aid is designed for easy installation. An experienced installer will be able to install the system into any vehicle in about 90 minutes. Some minor drilling could be required on the plastic part of the bumper and in the taillight well. Most of the necessary parts and components for the installation are included in the system package.

Step 1: Install sensors on back of vehicle such as on the bumper or on the rear panel.

Step 2: Wire system to reverse lamp wire and mount power unit in trunk or taillight well.

Step 3: Install speaker in passenger compartment by the radio speakers or on the side panel.

Additional tools an installer will need are a pair of pliers and the proper screw driver to get access to the reverse light power and ground. For a more professional installation, a drill may be needed.

A comprehensive installation guide along with pictures showing the installation process is included in every Micro4s Vehicle Reversing Aid package.

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